The Game Changer: How Emerging Tech Is Transforming Financial Recruitment

Very few industries have been untouched by technology, and finance is no exception.

From automating systems and providing advanced analytics to improving data quality and even how transactions are carried out, the execution of finance functions has been completely transformed.

High street banks are rapidly disappearing in favour of online banking, cryptocurrencies are being used as alternative payment methods and AI is eliminating the need for human supervision by automating routine finance transactions such as fraud detection and loan approvals.

As the financial industry works harder than ever to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world, organisations and finance professionals should be asking themselves if they too are using these innovations to become increasingly efficient.


Introducing The Acuity Method (TAM)

Like any organisation, you know that emerging technologies are inescapable. The all-important question is; does your workforce have the skills required to transition these developments successfully?

The Acuity Method (TAM) is a modern recruitment tool which uses technology to identify high performing candidates. Organisations go into the recruitment process armed with accurate and reliable data, free from bias.

The tool identifies strengths, highlights areas for improvement and provides valuable insights into what motivates individual employees and whether they have the skills required to drive your business forward.

As well as being a valuable recruitment tool, TAM can also be used to help organisations strengthen their existing finance team.


Key benefits of TAM

There are so many ways organisations can benefit from incorporating assessment tools into their recruitment process. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the top benefits of using TAM:


  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency. You’re taking the guesswork out of recruitment so you can make strategic decisions based on precise data.
  • Confidence in your hiring decisions. Technology has led to job displacement and the creation of new roles. Are your finance professionals embracing this technology by learning and adopting new skill-sets? TAM tests these core competencies and whether candidates and/or existing employees are up to the job.
  • Cost and time savings. Rather than spending hours sifting through candidate applications, TAM identifies those in the top quartile. This means that you’re only presented with high calibre candidates who are going to make successful hires.

As technology plays an increasingly critical role in the finance industry, get in touch to find out how The Acuity Method can be used to create a successful and streamlined recruitment process for your organisation.

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