The Acuity Measure™: Why Ability Beats Qualifications in CFO Recruitment

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The role of the CFO has evolved markedly in recent years. From technology transformation to a focus on ESG reporting, the job function of a CFO now goes above and beyond managing costs and profitability.

The introduction of rapidly advancing technologies has also changed the way businesses operate. With a need for specific skills and expertise, companies are struggling to fill the skills gap.

The Acuity Measure™ addresses this issue by assessing candidates based on skills and capability over qualifications. A forward-thinking solution, our measure can help organisations can bring their recruitment in-line with today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape.

‘Gut feel’ hires don’t always deliver and can be biased

When it comes to recruitment ‘gut feel’ is not always the answer by using The Acuity MeasureTM to assist with recruitment, employers can remove bias from their selection process. We’re naturally drawn to individuals with similar interests and personalities to ours, which can make it difficult for companies to build a diverse workforce.

Bringing in people from different backgrounds, organisations can build diverse teams who have a growth mindset and will therefore excel in their jobs.

Hiring for capability

One of the biggest challenges of capability hiring is identifying CFOs who possess the right skills for your organisation.

The Acuity Measure™ uses data from peers to assess a candidate’s skills across a number of areas including Excel, accounting fundamentals, software literacy and even specialist areas of accounting.

It also measures how each candidate scores based on the five dimensions that make an effective CFO discussed in our White Paper ‘5D FD: Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director’

Discover more about The Acuity Measure™, download the White Paper ‘5D FD: Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director’ or get in touch to find out more about how this assessment can ensure you make great hires.



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