Mind the Gap: Identifying Your Finance Team’s Weak Areas

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A strong finance team is the backbone of any successful organisation.

Responsible for anything from accounting, reporting and internal financial processes to managing teams, communicating with stakeholders and identifying opportunities and challenges, a lot lies on the shoulders of a senior finance professional.

In order for your business to fire on all cylinders, you need a top-class finance team. We help organisations to achieve exactly this by providing tools which enable you to understand the abilities of your existing team and bring in the right skills from new hires.


Building strong teams with The Acuity Measure™

The Acuity Measure™ was developed to help employers strengthen their finance teams.

A fantastic recruitment tool, it can be used to identify candidates who possess the skills and capabilities you need and eliminate those who don’t. Qualifications only paint half the picture. Unfortunately, they can’t tell you how well someone communicates, leads a team, adapts to changing markets or tackles new challenges.

Assessments like The Acuity Measure™ take the guesswork out of recruitment. You’re presented with accurate data highlighting how candidates score based on the five dimensions that make an effective senior finance professional. You can find out more about this in our whitepaper ‘5D FD: Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director.’

The Acuity Measure™ can also be used as a development tool to strengthen existing finance teams. It recognises strengths and highlights areas for improvement so employers can adopt the appropriate learning solutions.

What makes it truly unique is that is can be tailored to specific roles so you can identify competences in key areas, and where this needs to be improved. Weaknesses can be filled by implementing training or hiring new employees who plug these skill gaps.

Truly understanding your finance team is the only way you can make the best decisions for your business. Long gone are the days where finance professionals simply manage numbers. Modern CFOs, FDs and FCs need to be agile and adaptable while being able to modify processes and technology which will help their organisation to scale and thrive.


To find out why more than 500 organisations rely on The Acuity Method™ to validate the skills of their finance teams, get in touch today.

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