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The Game Changer: How Emerging Tech Is Transforming Financial Recruitment

Very few industries have been untouched by technology, and finance is no exception.

From automating systems and providing advanced analytics to improving data quality and even how transactions are carried out, the execution of finance functions has been completely transformed.…

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Building Resilient Finance Teams: A Guide for Today’s CFOs

Today’s business landscape isn’t short of its challenges. From global pandemics, political instability and climate change issues to supply chain disruptions, cybersecurity threats and shifting workforce demographics, organisations have had their work cut out in recent years.

To help weather …

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Is Your CFO Just Talking The Talk..?

…Or can they walk they walk?

As a senior finance professional who has worked their way up the ranks, it’s safe to assume that almost every CFO will have had their fair share of experience with job interviews. This means …

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Developing Your Finance Team – Where To Start?

It goes without saying that you want your finance team to perform with maximum efficiency and productivity.

How you get the most out of your employees is dependent on the individual needs of your organisation – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.…

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How Does Your FD Measure Up Against Their Peers?

From strategic planning and cash-flow forecasting to managing investor relationships and creating roadmaps for revenue growth, many organisations rely on their Finance Director to help drive their business forward.

How can you determine if your FD has the skills required …

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Seven Skills That Make a Great CFO

Like most jobs, the role of the CFO is evolving alongside technology. Now responsible for so much more than managing balance sheets, modern CFOs have adopted more of a leadership role which involves collaborating with other business functions alongside their …

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Mind the Gap: Identifying Your Finance Team’s Weak Areas

A strong finance team is the backbone of any successful organisation.

Responsible for anything from accounting, reporting and internal financial processes to managing teams, communicating with stakeholders and identifying opportunities and challenges, a lot lies on the shoulders of a …

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The Acuity Measure™: Why Ability Beats Qualifications in CFO Recruitment

The role of the CFO has evolved markedly in recent years. From technology transformation to a focus on ESG reporting, the job function of a CFO now goes above and beyond managing costs and profitability.

The introduction of rapidly advancing …

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How to Avoid a Bad Hire: The Benefits of Auditing Financial Capability

A bad hire is costly, and not just financially. Recruiting and training a new employee takes a long time, rapid staff turnover has a negative impact on productivity and morale while poor performing employees can affect your reputation.

Assessments are …

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Hiring for Capability, Not Just Qualifications in Your Finance Department

Research commissioned by Glassdoor reveals that 95% of employers have made a bad hire. As well as being a costly process, poor hiring decisions have also been shown to account for 80% of employee turnover.


Why are so many

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