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Use The Acuity Measure to Discover The Competence of Your Candidate

The Acuity Method™ (‘TAM’) is about strengthening finance teams. Our assessment The Acuity Measure™, is a highly effective development tool as it recognises strengths and highlights areas for improvement, for which learning solutions can be identified and ongoing testing can be provided, in order to monitor progress. It is also an invaluable recruitment tool.

TAM provides a mechanism to address competency in a variety of areas of core skills and knowledge, tailored to specific roles and the activities undertaken. Uniquely, TAM has created a methodology that calibrates the abilities of finance individuals and has built up extensive benchmarks across corporate, mid-market and SME businesses. It is an effective tool to undertake a ‘temperature check’ of the skills and competencies in finance across an organisation, and a consistent mechanism by which to benchmark individuals in comparable roles.

How does it work?

By using our unique assessment, The Acuity Measure™, the abilities of a finance individual are measured against the skills of their peers. If the candidate has achieved a “pass” (i.e. are in the top quartile) then they are demonstrably better than their peers. Those candidates have attained A*, A, B, C (all of which are a pass).

There are different levels that reflect the finance professional’s career path. Once you have been signed up to take the relevant test, you will be sent an invite for a convenient time for you to take the assessment, which range from [1 hour 20 minutes] to [1 hour 50 minutes] depending upon the level of the test. All the questions have been designed for people with experience at the relevant levels and are practical in nature, as such, no professional qualifications are required.

Once the assignment has been returned, it will be marked by one of our professional markers against our established, live, marking scheme, feedback will then be provided against the Five Dimensions. Where appropriate, we can also provide advice on learning and development opportunities.

With thousands of tests completed and 500 companies relying on our assessment, our process has been refined over time to ensure it identifies only the highest quality of candidates.

Competency Assessment

Who would you choose?

A – John Smith

  • ACA Qualified
  • 15+ Years Experience as CFO
  • Improved Processes to Increase Reporting Accuracy
  • Experience Developing KPIs, Modelling & Forecasting
  • Expertise in Tax Planning
  • Provided Strategic Advice to CEO, Board & Senior Management Teams

B – Joe Phillips

  • ACA Qualified
  • 15+ Years Experience as CFO
  • Developed Systems to Increase Reporting Accuracy
  • Experience Developing KPIs, Modelling & Forecasting
  • Expertise in Tax Planning
  • Provided Strategic Advice to Board & Senior Management Teams

If you were considering these two candidates, each with great experience, qualifications and fit, that both communicated well in interview – how would you differentiate between them?

By assessing them both via The Acuity Measure™ you can learn much more and make the best decision for your business.

See how they performed in the assessment below…

The Acuity Measure™ – What you’ll discover

Candidate A – John Smith
Candidate B – Joe Phillips

Candidate “A” and Candidate “B” both had impressive CVs and communicated well in interview. However, their capabilities are very different as evidenced by their Acuity Measure™ assessment reports.

When to use The Acuity Measure™

Use The Acuity Measure™ as a service to supplement your recruitment processes. We will assess and validate the skills of the candidates your own processes have identified. Use The Acuity Measure™ to assess all your finance team members in their current roles, and discover whether they have the skills to step up to the next role. Our feedback and report can be input into their respective development plans.

The Black Test

Designed for CFOs and FDs

From £995 ex VAT

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of finance leaders

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The Red Test

Designed for Financial Controllers

From £895 ex VAT

Discover what your senior finance individuals can really achieve

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The Yellow Test

Designed for Finance Managers

From £795 ex VAT

Discover the hidden potential within your wider finance team

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What next?

To assess members of your finance team or any candidates you are considering hiring costs from £795 ex VAT per assessment and report. This amount compares favourably against the risk of a wrong hire. For bulk purchases (five or more) the price can be reduced to as little as £695 ex VAT per assessment and report.

Contact us on 0203 405 3080 or to book your assessments.

For FDs and CFOs this includes validation across the Five Dimensions explored in ‘The 5D FD’.

Find out more about what is covered here:


    We found Acuity’s testing incredibly helpful to better understand our candidates’ profiles. The Acuity team provided the results promptly and ensured we were communicated with throughout the process. The narrative and insight into the results provided by the Acuity team has become a key tool in our recruitment process and I would absolutely use their services again in the future.

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